An analysis of the effects if illegal drugs would be legalized

See also countries that have legalized medical use of cannabis. The legality of cannabis for medical and recreational use varies by country, in terms of its possession, distribution, and cultivation, and in regards to medical how it can be consumed and what medical conditions it can be used for. Others have much more severe penalties such as some Asian and Middle Eastern countries where possession of even small amounts is punished by imprisonment for several years. In the United Statesten states and the District of Columbia have legalized sales and consumption although it remains federally illegal.

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Why all drugs should be legal. (Yes, even heroin.)

In light of my recent articlewhere I touched on responsibility, which included some information on drug use, I came across this list from a pro-drug website that gives 10 reasons they think we should legalize all drugs. Society has every right to make determinations of what is acceptable within that society and what is not acceptable.

The fact that many people within the society are going to act in a manner contrary to the rules only means that many people are going to get punished for violating the social contract to which they inherently agree and submit. Most illegal and legal drug use is recreational.

Poverty and despair are at the root of most problematic drug use and it is only by addressing these underlying causes that we can hope to significantly decrease the number of problematic users.

Making the production, supply and use of some drugs illegal creates a vacuum into which organised crime moves. The profits are worth billions of pounds. Legalisation forces organised crime from the drugs trade, starves them of income and enables us to regulate and control the market i.

An analysis of the effects if illegal drugs would be legalized

About all legalization will do is allow the government to regulate and tax drugs, thus keeping them expensive and many forced to remain underground in order to find drugs cheap enough to use. Just look at tobacco taxes, they make up the majority of the cost per pack. In fact, it will likely make the problem worse.

Besides, he says he wants prescriptions for drugs? If anyone can get it, why have it prescribed in the first place?

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Using illegal drugs is very expensive. Most of the violence associated with illegal drug dealing is caused by its illegality Legalisation would enable us to regulate the market, determine a much lower price and remove users need to raise funds through crime.

Our legal system would be freed up and our prison population dramatically reduced, saving billions. Because of the low price, cigarette smokers do not have to steal to support their habits. There is also no violence associated with the legal tobacco market. People in the U. Up to one and a half million people use ecstasy every weekend.

Amongst young people, illegal drug use is seen as normal. In Holland, where cannabis laws are far less harsh, drug usage is amongst the lowest in Europe. Legalisation accepts that drug use is normal and that it is a social issue, not a criminal justice one.

An analysis of the effects if illegal drugs would be legalized

How we deal with it is up to all of us to decide. This is a clear logical fallacy, argumentum ad populum. I am of the mind that people should not be jailed for drug use offenses, people who use drugs need treatment, not punishment.

U.S. Immigration Race, Crime, and Punishment Just as conscious and unconscious racial notions helped define the drug problem, they have also helped shape political and policy responses to that problem.
State Medical Marijuana Laws Marijuana is a drug that often smoked in a cigarette or bong. Because this drug is illegal, it is affecting us as individuals and as a country.

I will handle this more in my final thoughts at the bottom. This creates many of the risks and dangers associated with drug use. Legalisation would help us to disseminate open, honest and truthful information to users and non-users to help them to make decisions about whether and how to use.

We could begin research again on presently illicit drugs to discover all their uses and effects — both positive and negative. The fact remains that most drugs simply have no credible positive benefits.

Yes, marijuana can help control nausea associated with chemotherapy, and I entirely support chemo patients with legitimate prescriptions having legal access to medical marijuana, but only so long as they go through the legal process and proper channels.

The idea that we should have street corner pot dispensaries that anyone can walk into and come out with a dime bag is absurd. Countries that operate ultra-prohibitionist policies have very high rates of HIV infection amongst injecting users.

- The Washington Post

Hepatitis C rates amongst users in the UK are increasing substantially. Harm reduction policies are in direct opposition to prohibitionist laws.


Poor people who cannot afford condoms simply do not use them. So who pays for all of this stuff? Do you just add a tax to the drugs themselves, making them more expensive and driving users to cheaper, unregulated drugs?If illegal drugs are legalized, it will conflict with current national and government policy against drug usage.

More and more people will drive under the influence of drugs and as the most important legalization if illegal drugs will lead to more accidents on the roads. America's Whites-Only Weed Boom. Black Americans were disproportionately targeted in the "war on drugs." Now state laws and steep regulatory costs have left them far more likely to be shut out of America's profitable marijuana boom.

In , California voters passed Proposition , making the Golden State the first in the union to allow for the medical use of marijuana. Since then, 32 more states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico have enacted similar laws. In addition to marijuana’s harmful effects on the body and relationship to criminal conduct, it is a gateway drug that can lead users to more dangerous drugs.

Prosecutors, judges, police officers, detectives, parole or probation officers, and even defense attorneys know that the vast majority of defendants arrested for violent crimes test positive for illegal .

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Should drugs be legalised? Could unlimited heroin on prescription become a reality? fair and brave analysis on the drugs debate.

Either alcohol should be illegal or class A drugs legal. You can't have it both ways! Mark Hodgkin, Sheffield. Legalise drugs and tax them; imagine the revenue generated. If someone wants to throw their life. Over the past two decades, 16 states have de-criminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, and 22 have legalized it for medical purposes.

In November , Colorado and Washington went further, legalizing marijuana under state law .

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