Charlie its always sunny writing a check

First it was the Elbo Room, then the Hemlock Lounge. Storied SoMa venue Mezzanine announced this morning that the landlords have declined to renew the lease, and the club will have to close its doors in October I was further disappointed that my request for a three-month extension, so that we could close out was rejected. What I find most disturbing is that Mezzanine, like so many other cultural institutions, has fallen victim to corporate greed and commercial development.

Charlie its always sunny writing a check

Among its most popular sections were the " Transsexual Women's Successes " and " Successful Transmen ". Back then, trans women especially were considered sexually-deviant and mentally-ill by prejudiced psychiatrists and psychologists.

By compiling stories of those who went on to fulfilling lives after transition, the pages undermined the pathologization of gender variance by prominent psychiatric thought leaders — and provided role models and hope for the many people then in transition.

charlie its always sunny writing a check

The site then documented opportunities for young transpeople to transition anonymously and successfully while in collegeand encouraged universities to provide more supportive environments for these transitioners; as the decade progressed, such college-age transitions became increasingly common.

The site also educated transwomen about the remarkable facial feminization surgeries FFS pioneered by Douglas Ousterhout, M. As more college-age transwomen obtained good educations and went on to better careers, increasing numbers were able to afford it.

The site also exposed, as a myth, the time-worn pronouncement that transsexualism is 'extremely rare'. Worse yet, much of the discrimination against transpeople was itself caused by the very same psychiatrists' pronouncements that gender variance was a 'mental illness'.

In April ofa wonderful woman named Sofia Iglesias translated the "Successes page" into Spanishand we became good friends.

Two music producer brothers strike an unlikely deal with the new owners who are about to turn their building into a halfway house. The owners agree to let the brothers stay - but only on one condition: They record the new tenants! The CannaGrow Expo is open to all, 18+, and is intended for cannabis growers, grow managers, extractors, and grow enthusiasts to explore the latest cannabis . Latest opinion, analysis and discussion from the Guardian. CP Scott: "Comment is free, but facts are sacred".

Sofia went on to translate even more pages, to help young transitioners in her country Mexico and all across the Americas. As others saw the impact of Sofia's work, volunteers began translations into many other languages; the resultuing international translation project escalated rapidly in scope and coverage, bringing support to ever more trans-people around the world.

Duringthe site became a focal point along with Andrea James' TS Roadmap for the investigation and exposure of the publication of J. Michael Bailey's transphobic pseudo-science book by the National Academies. The investigation led to Bailey's resignation as Chair of the Northwestern University's Psychology Department, and to his eventual decline into professional indiscretionsdisgrace and obscurity.

The Bailey fiasco became a defining moment in trans history by exposing psychiatric theories about gender variance to be absurdly unsound, including those of academic psychiatrist Paul McHugh, M. They did, however, quietly remove Bailey's embarrassingly unscientific book from the NAP website.

Duringmy site became a focal point for the investigation and exposure of Ken Zucker's trans-reparatist treatment of gender-variant children at CAMH in Toronto.

Zucker had for years been the autocratic thought-leader behind the systemic psychological pathologization of gender variance.

I responded by exposing Zucker's threat see videotriggering a tidal wave of trans-rebellion against what he was doing. Zucker's carefully-built facade as a 'scientific authority' was deconstructed in by the Ph.

Gavriel 'Gavi' Ansara and his faculty advisor Peter Hegarty in their quantitative empirical study "Cisgenderism in psychology: By the late 00's, many young transitioners were succeeding way beyond expectations, especially those using puberty-delaying therapies pioneered by Norman Spack, M. This movement gained increasing traction amongst parents, counselors, physicians, and even school systems including schools in TorontoZucker's home-base.

It was clearly the wave of the future. As work on my early trans-advocacy pages wound-down, I focused in on the Trans News Updates TNU to monitor ongoing changes in social and media attitudes about gender variance.

In a special TNU section I documented the increasing exposure of the pathologizing teachings of the psychiatric establishmentthe increasing efforts to remove gender variance as a 'mental illness' from the DSM the psychiatrists' biblethe exposure of Zucker's role in the institutionalized academic suppression of transpeople, and Zucker's advocacy of conversion-therapy on trans children and teens.

During the ensuing period from a wave of social consciousness began spreading wide and far about the horrors imposed by childhood gender conversion therapy.

Essays in the Struggle for Dignity. Thus ended a tragic chapter in the dark-history of rogue 20th century social 'science'. As I shifted into writing memoirs about my adventur es, education and career belowmy earlier trans-advocacy pages finally passed into history see archived pre mainpage.

Even so, those pages still get many hits and are an ongoing source of hope for many people.

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Fortunately, those dark days have receded. Nowadays many tens of thousands of transitioners have not only moved on into happy and fulfilling lives, but are also open and proud about their life accomplishments.An obvious subversion here is the notable difference between someone who actually is Brilliant But Lazy and someone who thinks they're Brilliant But Lazy but is actually just also applies to those who are secretly afraid they're not brilliant and hence refuse to exert themselves for fear they'll be exposed.

Images of Charlie Kelly. Charles "Charlie" Kelly is the janitor of Paddy's Pub. He is a member of the Gang that works at the bar, and is considered the "wild card" of the group.

Charlie has been best friends with Mac since childhood. He shares an apartment with Frank Reynolds, who is very likely his biological father. Charlie is monstermanfilm.comyed by: Charlie Day.

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