Gap international s having a code of conduct for its suppliers

It is also an industry leader in ethical sourcing and supply chain management through a social responsibility programme that advocates human rights as an essential component of quality and standards management.

Gap international s having a code of conduct for its suppliers

We are particularly interested to have feedback from those who have worked on codes of ethics within a specific therapeutic modality.

Responses please to Daniel J. Developing a common Code of Ethics appropriate for all healers is an ongoing and evolving process. The Council has identified and articulated areas of common ground that can serve as a foundation for further dialogue and exploration among and between individual healers and organizations involved with healing.

Those healers and healing organizations wishing to respond and contribute their perspective are invited to reply directly to DB WholisticHealingResearch. The Council operates within a consensus framework and seeks to honor the wisdom and perspectives of all healers and healing traditions.

For the purpose of this review and discussion the following definitions will be used: Code of Ethics for Healers: A code of conduct that identifies principles and ways of being and behaving that are in harmony and congruent with the mission and purpose of healing and based upon moral precepts and professional behavior inherent to healing.

Code of Ethics — Council for Healing

Standards of Practice for Healers: A group of statements describing the expected level of care by a healer. Standards of practice describe behaviors and minimal levels of performance that are intended to guide daily practice.

Most healing professions have their own standards of practice that are specific to their modality and profession. See websites for organizations individual standards of practice: Just as there are many perspectives on the mission and purpose of healing, likewise there will be many perspectives on what constitutes appropriate conduct and behavior for different healing modalities in various social contexts and cultures.

For instance, Ken Cohen makes the point that for indigenous healing practices it is not useful or desirable to establish a code of ethics or standards of practice as these are already understood and enforced in the unwritten, oral tradition passed down through the teachings of the wise elders and shamans.

In addition, indigenous healing is considered to be a branch of indigenous spirituality or religion and must be protected as an individual freedom, not subject to outside regulation.

In more general terms, Cohen observes that Native American healing culture views as ethical that which promotes social cohesion.

Indigenous healing that is guided and regulated within tribal structure and viewed as a spiritual process rather than a profession has no need for an external code of ethics.

Executive summary

Standards of practice are neither applicable nor useful to indigenous healing practiced in this milieu. However, it would be appropriate for western shamanism as taught in various healing schools to include a code of ethics for its practitioners — who are not bound by indigenous tribal traditions and guidelines.

Identifying the ethical concepts and standards that can be shared by all healers will help bring unity to the healing professions and make each a more potent and powerful force for the manifestation of healing energies in this world. Standards of Practice are also required for professional healing organizations.

This review did not address standards of practice, which are the responsibility of individual organizations — because these are specific to each therapeutic modality and vary in significant ways between healing organizations because their interventions differ.


For instance, practices of spiritual healing, acupuncture, homeopathy and massage involve very different skill sets and levels of competence are based on interventions with little overlap between modalities.

The healing professions have for their objective serving humanity for its greatest good. Healers honor all peoples and all paths as sacred or may view their own path as the only path. The Council for Healing is open to considering all codes of ethics. Commitment to Client A.

Healers are committed to assisting the client in reclaiming wholeness at any or all levels of being, such as body, emotions, mind, relationships with other people and the environment and spirit 2. Healers render service to humanity with full respect for the dignity, autonomy and sensitivity of fellow beings.

Healers view all of existence as sacred and interconnected and provide services with reverence and respect for all. Healing relationships occur within all of existence and may include people, animals, plants and the environment, locally, globally and cosmically.

Healers render care to beings regardless of race, sex, cultural, national or ethnic origins, or political persuasions. Healers and clients are equal partners in the process of healing.The company’s focus on promoting an inclusive digital payment ecosystem is the latest move by Gap Inc.

to partner with suppliers to improve the livelihoods of the garment workers who make its clothing. Search Results for 'what is your opinion of gap international's having a code of conduct for its suppliers' International Relations UNCTAD/ITE/TEB/Misc.

5 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DIPLOMACY Concepts and Elements of a Work Programme United Nations. What is your opinion of GAP International’s having a code of conduct for its suppliers? What would Milton Friedman say?

Contrast his view with Archie Carroll’s view.

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1. What is the relationship between corporate governance and social responsibility? 2. What is your opinion of GAP International is having a code of conduct for its suppliers? Protecting a tangled workforce that stretches across the world Nearly two decades after Gap created its a Code of Vendor Conduct back in , she says, garment workers in the global south. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct applies to everyone who works at U.S. Bank, our global affiliates and our wholly-owned subsidiaries. This includes our directors.

- international code of conduct for multinational corporations a company's employees, or the employees of its suppliers, subcontractors, or others in its commercial chain, work. Universal rules or standards related to these are called fair labor standards Reasons for pay gap-sexual discrimination -women choose to pursue lower paying jobs.

The CSR Challenges in the Clothing Industry.

Gap international s having a code of conduct for its suppliers

encourage suppliers to follow international standards (ISO devised a Code of Conduct that contains employee rights. Ethical Standards and Working Conditions in Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain The purpose of this report is to assess Wal-Mart’s Ethical Standards Program for its suppliers worldwide, as described by the company’s Factory Certification Report, Report on (also referred to in this report as a code of conduct) and has not provided.

Code of Conduct