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It 240 latest version set a

Special editions[ edit ] Volvo DLS. Five different body paintings solid available.

It 240 latest version set a

Total amount exported approx. The cars were mainly sold to residents of East Germany. MY limited edition for West Germany. MYs and specification for the Netherlands. A limousine version of the ; many now reside in Germany as they were exported to the former German Democratic Republic for use by the government which would neither use the small Trabant or Wartburg models nor import West German autos like BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes.

As a result, the population nicknamed Wandlitzthe preferred home town of politicians, Volvograd. An extended wheelbase station wagon designed to have additional rows of seats for use as taxi or rural school bus.

These cars had the same wheelbase as the Top Executive. This had custom body work and interior from Bertone. The exterior coachbuilding of these two-door saloons consisted of a chopped roof 2.

It 240 latest version set a

These cars were further characterised by additional Bertone badges on the front wings. Mostly built in left hand drive form, right hand drive vehicles are very rare. Sport model with tuned sport suspension and a high-compression engine. All US models were It 240 latest version set a Silver Metallic with black and red racing stripes going from the hood to the side to the trunk.

Special black corduroy interior with red stripes. Canadian models were available in black with red pinstripes along the side of the car, in addition to the US model silver.

Replaced the GT as the sporty model, equipped with a turbocharged engine, with the T intercooler from latefollowing the sale of the FIA Evolution cars, which were the first T's to be fitted with this uprated intercooler as standard. The two-door model was available —; four-door sedans available late early and wagons available early All came factory stock with 15" Virgo alloy wheels.

Standing for "Grand Luxe Touring," these models shared the uprated suspension, blacked-out exterior trim, and 15" Virgo alloy wheels of the GLT-Turbo model, but with a naturally aspirated powertrain.

Due to the problems with fitting a turbocharger to a RHD vehicle the Turbo model was rebadged a GLE and retained all the backed-out trim and high-end interior fittings of the turbo models but were equipped with the B23E then BE engines most frequently mated to the BW55 until then the AW71 for — For the sake of clarity all of these cars had sunroofs, and none were ever shipped back to VMS to be built up into GpA race cars, only the Swedish built DL body shell's were used because they were built locally and did not have a sunroof option.

This incident also resulted in the Board of Directors withdrawing from factory supported GpA racing programs, much to the disappointment of all the Flying Brick fans around the world. All subsequent Turbo intercooler car had the projecting, so called Coffin-Nose and grill, but were fitted as standard with the uprated intercooler, which developed more power solely due to the efficiency of the 's uprated intercooler.

Not one of the so-called Evolution cars was ever used by the factory, and or the factory supported GpA T race cars, despite claims to the contrary, that 30 were sent back to VMS etc. All of the Factory cars were built up from the DL body shell's because they had no sunroof and were built in Sweden, so they were readily available and relatively cheap.

All were sold to Volvo of North America and approximately 30 were returned to Europe for racing; all of these cars had flat hoods not otherwise seen on North American s, as well as numerous and substantial performance and suspension upgrades ranging from larger radiators and intercoolers to water injection and large rear spoilers [32] Source: Special alloy wheels, all-black grille and trim.

Roof rails on wagon model. A special edition aimed at the Swedish police, but also made in right-hand-drive form and used by some British constabularies. It was effectively a GLT with vinyl, rather than cloth, trim, steel wheels and no sunroof.

European markets only; commonly found in Italy. Mostly with BF engine. European markets from the model year. For the North American market, only 1, were produced in April and Mayhalf wagons and half sedans.

In addition to the European equipment, the 1, North American Classics have body-matched painted grilles and side mirrors, special 14" alloy wheels, production-number plaque in dash, and special paint colors — ruby red or metallic dark teal green.The new version will be automatically downloaded and installed.

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The Volvo series was a range of mid-size cars produced by Volvo Cars from to , with more than million units sold worldwide. Like the Volvo Series, it was designed by Jan overlapped production of the Volvo Series introduced in As the remained popular, only the was displaced by the series — which Volvo marketed alongside the for.

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