Literary analysis of the novel the turn of the screw by henry jame

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Literary analysis of the novel the turn of the screw by henry jame

A handsome bachelor persuaded the governess to take a position as governess for his niece and nephew in an isolated country home after the previous governess died. The governess begins her story with her first day at Bly, the country home, where she meets Flora and a maid named Mrs.

The letter does not specify what Miles has done to deserve expulsion, and, alarmed, the governess questions Mrs. Grose admits that Miles has on occasion been bad, but only in the ways boys ought to be. The governess is reassured as she drives to meet Miles. One evening, as the governess strolls around the grounds, she sees a strange man in a tower of the house and exchanges an intense stare with him.

She says nothing to Mrs. Later, she catches the same man glaring into the dining-room window, and she rushes outside to investigate.

The man is gone, and the governess looks into the window from outside. Her image in the window frightens Mrs. Grose, who has just walked into the room. The governess discusses her two experiences with Mrs.

Grose, who identifies the strange man as Peter Quint, a former valet who is now dead. Convinced that the ghost seeks Miles, the governess becomes rigid in her supervision of the children.

One day, when the governess is at the lake with Flora, she sees a woman dressed in black and senses that the woman is Miss Jessel, her dead predecessor. The governess again questions Mrs.

The governess is on her guard, but the days pass without incident, and Miles and Flora express increased affection for the governess. The lull is broken one evening when something startles the governess from her reading. She rises to investigate, moving to the landing above the staircase.

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There, a gust of wind extinguishes her candle, and she sees Quint halfway up the stairs. She refuses to back down, exchanging another intense stare with Quint until he vanishes. Noticing movement under the window blind, the governess watches as Flora emerges from behind it.

The governess does not sleep well during the next few nights. One night, she sees the ghost of Miss Jessel sitting on the bottom stair, her head in her hands.

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Later, when the governess finally allows herself to go to sleep at her regular hour, she is awoken after midnight to find her candle extinguished and Flora by the window. Careful not to disturb Flora, the governess leaves the room to find a window downstairs that overlooks the same view. Looking out, she sees the faraway figure of Miles on the lawn.

Later, the governess discusses with Mrs. She threatens to leave if Mrs. Grose writes to him. On the walk to church one Sunday, Miles broaches the topic of school to the governess.

He says he wants to go back and declares he will make his uncle come to Bly. The governess, shaken, does not go into church.

Literary analysis of the novel the turn of the screw by henry jame

Instead, she returns to the house and plots her departure. She sits on the bottom stair but springs up when she remembers seeing Miss Jessel there.

The Turn of the Screw Analysis

She enters the schoolroom and finds Miss Jessel sitting at the table. She screams at the ghost, and the ghost vanishes. The governess decides she will stay at Bly.May 29,  · A Nineteenth Century Ghost Story in The Turn of The Screw by Henry James The Turn of The Screw is a classic Gothic ghost novella with a wicket twist set in a grand old house at Bly.

A Counterclockwise Turn in James's 'The Turn of the Screw' Hill Jr., Robert W. // Twentieth Century Literature (Twentieth Century Literature);Spring81, Vol. 27 Issue 1, p53 Discusses the commentaries to the novel 'The Turn of the Screw,' by Henry James.

A short summary of Henry James's The Turn of the Screw. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of The Turn of the Screw. “The Turn of the Screw” provides an unrivalled opportunity to read in a bifurcated fashion, to operate paragraph by paragraph on two levels.

Logically, the effect of this ought to be expansive. James is trafficking in openness; readers can shift, at whim, from ghostly tale to character study. The Turn of the Screw is one of those books that is open to a wide variety of interpretations. There are lots of loose ends, which can be fun for readers who enjoy .

In James's The Turn of the Screw, the governess is trapped on an old estate in which reality feels turned upside down. The writer uses literary devices to makes the reader feel as confused and.

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