Memo regarding changes in work hours

Here you sit on call once again, waiting to find out whether or not you have to go to work.

Memo regarding changes in work hours

Executive Staff and direct reports From: May 26, The Internet Tidal Wave Our vision for the last 20 years can be summarized in a succinct way. We saw that exponential improvements in computer capabilities would make great software quite valuable. Our response was to build an organization to deliver the best software products.

In the next 20 years the improvement in computer power will be outpaced by the exponential improvements in communications networks. The combination of these elements will have a fundamental impact on work, learning and play. Great software products will be crucial to delivering the benefits of these advances.

Both the variety and volume of the software will increase. Most users of communications have not yet seen the price of communications come down significantly.

Cable and phone networks are still depreciating networks built with old technology. Universal service monopolies and other government involvement around the world have kept communications costs high. Private networks and the Internet which are built using state of the art equipment have been the primary beneficiaries of the improved communications technology.

The PC is just now starting to create additional demand that will drive a new wave of investment. A combination of expanded access to the Internet, ISDN, new broadband networks justified by video based applications and interconnections between each of these will bring low cost communication to most businesses and homes within the next decade.

The Internet is at the forefront of all of this and developments on the Internet over the next several years will set the course of our industry for a long time to come. Perhaps you have already seen memos from me or others here about the importance of the Internet. I have gone through several stages of increasing my views of its importance.

Now I assign the Internet the highest level of importance. In this memo I want to make clear that our focus on the Internet is crucial to every part of our business. It is even more important than the arrival of the graphical user interface GUI. The PC analogy is apt for many reasons.

The PC wasn't perfect. Aspects of the PC were arbitrary or even poor. However a phenomena grew up around the IBM PC that made it a key element of everything that would happen for the next 15 years. Companies that tried to fight the PC standard often had good reasons for doing so but they failed because the phenomena overcame any weaknesses that resisters identified.

The Internet Today The Internet's unique position arises from a number of elements. The Internet Engineering Task Force IETF has defined an evolutionary path that will avoid running into future problems even as eventually everyone on the planet connects up.

All of the predictions about hypertext - made decades ago by pioneers like Ted Nelson - are coming true on the Web. HTML with extensions will be the standard that defines how information will be presented.

Various extensions to HTML, including content enhancements like tables, and functionality enhancements like secure transactions, will be widely adopted in the near future. There will also be enhanced 3D presentations providing for virtual reality type shopping and socialization.

Another unique aspect of the Internet is that because it buys communications lines on a commodity bid basis and because it is growing so fast, it is the only "public" network whose economics reflect the latest advances in communications technology.

The price paid for corporations to connect to the Internet is determined by the size of your "on-ramp" to the Internet and not by how much you actually use your connection.

Usage isn't even metered. It doesn't matter if you connect nearby or half way around the globe. This makes the marginal cost of extra usage essentially zero encouraging heavy usage.Professionally written example letters for Announcing the new hours of operation & service, Getting many examples for changing the timings of services for The change, which includes a later work day, will help to accommodate after-school appointments for students.

Your therapist will meet with you to discuss direct changes to your therapy. When writing a shift change request letter, short and simple is appropriate.

The beginning of the letter should state the request, reason and the effective date which you wish to begin. The beginning of the letter should state the request, reason and the effective date which you wish to begin. Nov 10,  · The essential tech news of the moment.

Technology's news site of record. Not for dummies. Sample Memo Regarding Four-Day, Hour Work Week (Employee Name), this memo is to confirm that your request for an alternative work schedule has been approved on a pilot basis.

Your new work schedule effective immediately will be Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with an hour lunch period and two fifteen minute breaks .

Jul 22,  · May 26th, Bill Gates sends a memo, entitled "The Internet Tidal Wave," to all executive staff within it, he makes clear his intention to focus the company's efforts online with immediate effect and "assign the Internet the highest level of importance," going on to call it, "the most important single development to come along since the IBM PC was introduced in ".

Example 2: Example of New Hours of Operation. Company Name or Letterhead Address City, State Zip. Date.

Memo regarding changes in work hours

Addressee Address City, State Zip. Dear Patrons: Due to road construction on Highway 39, our delivery trucks will be forced to use an alternate route. This will .

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