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Newspaper is an important object of modern civilization. It is most commonly accepted as a record of the current events. But the meaning and role of a newspaper are more than being a mere document of events. Newspaper appeared only after the invention of the printing press by Guttenberg.

Newspaper essayist 39s page

Research This research paper is based around the uses and gratifications theory. It deals with various studies and articles that discuss the uses of newspapers in students daily lives, dealing with where the student gets a specific kind of news and why they chose that medium.

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The consumer is responsible for choosing a specific media to meet their specific needs. An extension of this theory is the Dependency Theory. For any given group of people, some of these functions are more important than others, and your dependence on information from a medium increases when it supplies information that is more central to you.

A person who is not interested in sports will probably not even know where ESPN is on the dial, may never have looked at Sports Illustrated and typically skips the entire sports section of the newspaper.

At such times your reliance on the media for information will increase. At other, more stable times your dependency on media may go way down. During times of war, for example, people become incredibly dependent on news programming.

It discusses the fact that the Internet encompasses the three main sources of mass media, while adding itself into the.essays.

Features Desk The Long Tail of the Attica Prison Riot by J. Oliver Conroy. The Attica prison uprising lasted five days. It took 45 years to get a more or less complete public account of what transpired—and only thanks to the efforts of a few heroically stubborn people.

Insider. Take a look inside the ODRC with exclusive content from the DRC Insider.

Newspaper essayist 39s page

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