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The low-profile Lam rarely made public appearances, but when he showed up, he made sure that his presence would be meaningful to his audience, regardless who they were. Rounds of applause came from not only his staff but also the Hong Kong industry heavyweights, including Albert Yeung, the boss of Emperor Entertainment Group, director Johnnie To, kung- fu star Sammo Hung and multiple award-winning actor Anthony Wong Chau-sang. I think he has a good insight about the society and the film market, and that he gets to invest in the right projects that can truly connect with the audience.

Rewrite asian kung fu generation tumblr logo

Sovereign64 Parody of the Nostalgia Critic. Readers, don't take it too seriously. These are strictly my own opinions. He sat up straight on a cushioned chair with a calm smile on his face. This isn't the first time someone has done a parody of the Nostalgia Critic though.

Get ready to go down suckers! That's why I wear different clothing. Besides, this t-shirt looks great on me, doesn't it?

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It has a zombie hand on it! I got this shirt from Left 4 Dead 2! DW then calms down and smiles. Let's start with my very first review. I love three things in this world. Video games, fan fictions and anime. I am a huge fan of anime. But there's one thing that makes you go hyped before the anime begins.

rewrite asian kung fu generation tumblr logo

Those are the theme songs. They are fun, awesome, and catchy as hell. In fact, these theme songs kept inside our heads, just waiting to spring out our minds and ruin our concentration.

Calamity Trigger plays as Ao Iconoclast plays in the background. But I personally think her theme song for the recent fighting game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is the best.

Calamity Trigger "And besides, what better way to start a video game with some kickass Japanese rock music? The Wheel of Music is turning. To me, I think it was an okay anime. It's about a 12 year old boy named Ciel Phantomhive who owns a toy company after his parents died in a fire.

Clips of Sebastian Michaelis showing his fighting skills play "But the main star of the show was his butler Sebastian Michaelis, who is probably the best butler ever. He is an acrobatic, hardworking, kickass, demonic, near indestructible, hell of a butler. We cut to Sebastian smiling slyly. Admittingly, so do I.

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Matching it with the anime's dark and emotional theme.Asian Kung Fu Generation. Collection by My InfoMy Info. I don't know why, but I get strange ideas all the time. Usually, when I'm at work, reading labels to check for missorts, scanning the barcodes, and throwing them into the wall, I begin to drift off in my thinking.

Opening Song (Rewrite by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION) As the music stars the scene shows the sun setting over the sea, as the music continues the entire sea and sky turn a crimson colour.

Gundam Agito SEED (logo) "Wanting to spit out jarred thoughts.". Headliners: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Radical Dads A jikan, as locals affectionately call rockers Asian Kung-Fu Generation, are a lready on t he tent h insta llment of their very own festival. Mar 24,  · rewrite by asian kung -fu generation- full metal alchemist shine by l arc en ciel - moribito gaurdian of the spirit suki mami mai tai by barnabys - mezzo tv sound life REM by akima and neos- trigun kopperia no hitsugi by ali project - noir wild rock by buzzlip- saiyuki reload what's it for?

by emily curtis - ghost in the shellStatus: Resolved. Personally I think that there's probably no one opening that could effectively encompass part 4, because there are long colorful-and-silly parts but also long actually-really-intense parts where the colorful-and-silly aesthetic is entirely out of place.