The dutch and english essay

I would like an essay entitled Zou ik graag een opstel hebben. Yes, your essay is very good. Echt waar, je opstel is heel mooi.

The dutch and english essay

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"essay" in Dutch

What can be most interesting about the language is how it is The dutch and english essay of the closest in the world to English, while also being in the same language family as German.

So if you speak both you will clearly have a huge advantage. Linguistically, it's more or less half way between the two while leaning more towards German.

But the similarities certainly give you a huge advantage! For example, I don't think I could have pulled off 25 completely unique speed dates and a professional interview just over a month after starting to learn most languages.

I could progress very rapidly into speaking Dutch comfortably thanks to these advantages! I had aimed for fluency in two months and I didn't reach it, but that is due to cultural issues leading to lack of consistent intensive speaking opportunities that I'll be discussing in another post, not difficulties with the language.

Also, some dialects of Dutch have an exact replica of the English R! This combined with a strange antiquated version of English, almost makes it seem like they are speaking English sometimes as they pass you quickly in the street!

Although I never used this R as part of my strategy to make sure they wouldn't speak English with me. This is only at the end of syllables, never at the beginning!

People say Sorry although this one could in fact be an English borrowing; it's used both to indicate that you didn't hear what was said and as an apology if you ram your bike into someone else's in the middle of an intersectionand there are as in other European languages many loan words directly from English.

Many words are written the same, but pronounced differently like week. You'd need a lot of imagination though!

The dutch and english essay

If it hadn't been for the Norman conquest of England Frenchifying English vocabulary quite a lot, thanks Norman! Head-start with German But at the end of the day, what really made Dutch make lots of sense for me right from the start was the fact that I speak German at the C2 level.

I could communicate so much better than I usually do when I start a new language since speaking from day one is always my priority because I had a vast amount of vocabulary and a lot of the grammar structures such as second verb to the end of the sentence, main verb always in second position, general order of the phrase is Time, Manner then Place etc.

Listing all of the similarities would be somewhat pointless because there are so many of them. So many in fact that German and Dutch are mutually intelligible to a point.

Essay: translate English - Dutch

Yes, the grammar and vocabulary are easier in Dutch than in German, however I found it easier to learn German in Berlin. In my opinion if I had started both from absolute scratch no school background, and not having the other one alreadyI would have learned German quicker in Berlin than Dutch in Amsterdam because of the cultural differences, which people ignore far too quickly in cold humanless point by point comparisons.

This says nothing about learning German or Dutch in other cities or countries though. But since I found it hard to actually find one of those point-by-point comparisons, I thought I'd create one myself to give you a little list of what struck me as the most obvious differences that stood out!Essay translated between Dutch and English including synonyms, definitions, and related words.

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