The superiority and benefits of electronic resumes and applications

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The superiority and benefits of electronic resumes and applications

Army, is currently a student at the U. During his career, Lt. Army Africa, and the 10th Mountain Division. The Afghan government faces a strong insurgency that has been gaining momentum over the last year making the deadliest for Afghan security forces.

The United States departed Iraq, leaving a weak central government that faced a viable insurgency that has targeted Iraqi government security forces and political leaders.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta stated that the "failure" to maintain a U. This long-term approach that consists of a small U. The United States must be willing to maintain this long-term approach to give the Afghan central government sufficient time to refine institutional systems and governing capabilities.

This year marked a historic milestone for the newly formed Afghan government: While not perfect, the election process worked in transferring power despite multiple reports of ballot fraud and mismanagement.

Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr. Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah were able to work a compromise through a democratic process that allowed power to be shared equitably creating a coalition government.

Corruption and mismanagement plague the central government at all levels. Government bureaucracies are still developing and require time to allow systems and procedures to take the place of personal patronage networks in which loyalty is rewarded above performance.

At the operational level, government security forces have demonstrated recent successes but still need continued effort in developing their capabilities. Operational level leaders within the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior lack the ability to conduct combined arms integration and external coordination.

The superiority and benefits of electronic resumes and applications

Additionally, Afghan government ministries lack professionally trained and educated operational and strategic leaders. As security forces continue to develop systems and capability, they are simultaneously targeted by insurgent forces seeking to cause fractures among the various government security agencies.

By having a small number of skilled and knowledgeable advisors at the ministerial level, the United States can have a profound effect at the strategic level while maintaining a small footprint within the country.

Another area in which U. A sustained cadre of U. This effort will demonstrate to the people of Afghanistan and the world that the threat of terrorism is a global issue, not just isolated to Afghanistan.

Aid and Material Another benefit of maintaining U.

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Over the last decade of war, the U. Even though Afghanistan's Gross Domestic Product GDP has grown an average of 9 percent per year sincerevenues are still short of annual government budgets.

The long term goal for the Afghan government is to reduce its reliance on foreign aid as the international community experiences a growing level of "donor fatigue".

In order to maintain oversight and accountability of taxpayer dollars, the U. Despite receiving much support from the U. Advisors can provide periodic reports to U. Government officials would think twice about engaging in corrupt activities knowing there would be consequences as the U.

Also, the oversight ability provided by U. The second objective that U.The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in the Workplace. By. Karehka Ramey-February 25, Facebook.

Twitter. Google+. accounting software, customer management applications, Targeted candidates will be in position to apply for these positions online by submitting their resumes to the human resource manager.

The all. The benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise for children were widely accepted, and homework had the potential to interfere.

One hundred years ago, rather than diagnosing children with attention deficit disorder, pediatricians simply prescribed more outdoor exercise. Space Superiority. Spaceport Operations.

Strategic, Tactical and Maritime SATCOM. Tactical Communications.

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Careers. At Harris, you can turn your ideas into solutions that are vital to the world’s safety and security. Disabled applicants needing assistance are encouraged to email resumes to [email protected] if further.

In an electronic environment, abstracts are more important that they have ever been. Particular benefits for practitioners – being able to select quickly those papers with explicit practical implications these findings offer more convincing evidence for the superiority of structured abstracts in this respect.

Markets extend from numerous automotive, aeronautical and robotic applications to mining and oil-drilling applications to medical and food industry applications. Potential market sales of small, low-cost conformal environmental and inertial sensing devices are astronomical. Electronic and Information Technology (Section ) Potential Benefits of the Proposed Research to Human Subjects and Others Importance of the Knowledge to be Gained Data and Safety Monitoring Plan Solicitation for SBIR Contract Proposals.

This program is continuing in FY through the.

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