Travling essay

Read the full disclosure policy here. I am passionate about travel. Anyone visiting this site should be aware of this. As with many other things in life, there are both pros and cons to travel; ups and downs.

Travling essay

Enter your email below and receive my free guide: For this trip, I was uninterested in a conventional visit of Italy — and when I came across a massive firearms trade show in the city of Brescia, I decided a Hunter S.

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Thompson-esque tour of Italian guns and gun-makers was in order, subito! I decided a Hunter S. The city of Travling essay at Night. I had arrived in Milan that morning — or was it evening?

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Jet lag had gotten the better of me, and my internal clock was running backwards. It was a lot to cram into six days, but since my jet lag was ensuring I would get no sleep, I figured I could do it. One might wonder how a city roughly the size of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, could be playing such a huge role on the world shooting stage — one might, of course, if Travling essay had not spoken at length with the excited and knowledgeable Leonardo.

Italian gunsmiths pay the same attention to detail as do the top Italian fashion designers.

Travling essay

For more than years, the region has been anchored by firearm giant Beretta, and since then, about other gun makers have sprung up — from mom and pop shops to other Italian international brands such as Perazzi, Pietta, Franchi and, a little to the south, Benelli. This collection, closed to public, has guns dating from the s — priceless antiques.

The current Beretta Factory, a year-old stone castle tucked in the shadows of the Gardone Valley, is one-part high-tech fabricating plant, one-part traditional craftsman shop and one-part museum. The latter aspect is exemplified in the stunning, priceless collection of firearms, with pieces dating to the 15th century.

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The first two aspects are brought to light by the computerized manufacturing techniques that are combined with the hand assembling and craftsman quality control of every Beretta firearm.

To see these shotguns and handguns assembled is to see an artisan at work. The author makes like Elmer Fudd inside the Beretta Arms factory. Back at EXA, the seemingly endless displays of Italian firearms take on a new significance for me.

To say there is a history of arms manufacturing in the region is an understatement.

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But I had to know — what is an Italian hunt all about? First off, there is very little rifle hunting in the country no doubt due to the dense population. Second, hunts are done in hours, not days. And third, popular game species are wild boar, birds pigeons are popular and larger species like mouflon sheep, red deer, fallow deer and the smaller roe deer.

And while much of the hunting is done on reserves, there is still of plenty of sport for cacciatores, whether they are residents or not. Back home, most do it for meat — not sport. A little work, a little play and a lot of reasons to come back.This essay will reflect and critically discuss the leadership role of the RN in ensuring quality and safe patient care, with ideas drawn for Dr Lucy Cuddihy interviews ().

Effective communication is an essential leadership skill that is required by the RN to provide quality and safe as in the healthcare setting if communication is. Drew Meyers in co-founder of OhHeyWorld, a multi-author blog focused on backpacking and travel for Generation X & Y that advocates is also the co-founder and managing editor of, a blog devoted to exploring the world of microfinance.

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The Wild West(ern Europe): Take in Brescia’s dangerous history with my hunting-, shooting- and firearms-themed tour of Northern Italy.

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