Types of bill of lading

Bill of Lading Preparation Guide Hold cursor over red numbers, or click, to show more information pertaining to that section of the bill of lading. Supplied by the shipper to reference shipment information. Supplied to the shipper by the consignee or buyer to reference their goods. Provided for any additional special reference numbers that should be carried on the Freight Bill such as Order Numbers, Load Numbers, etc.

Types of bill of lading

What is Shipped On board Bill of Lading? How does Shipped On board Bill of Lading work? If cargo is moved by sea, the carrier issues a receipt of goods to the shipper which is called Bill of Lading.

Shipped On Board bill of lading may be demanded by buyer as per mutually agreed contract of sale or it may be required for the exporter to claim different export benefits from various government agencies. What is Clean On board Bill of Lading? Clean On Board Bill of Lading is commonly mentioned under a contract of Letter of Credit between buyer and seller in terms of Transport Document under shipment of sale carries.

A clean bill of Lading means, the carrier of goods receives cargo with good condition with proper packaging. In other words, the cargo received under a clean bill of lading has no clause, notation or remarks on the quantity or quality of goods as well as packing.

Once after issuing a clean bill of lading by carrier, the responsibility on poor packing, damage of goods and other handling defective falls on carrier. Once the goods received with good conditions with proper packing gone on board the vessel, the carrier issues Clean On board Bill of Lading.

Types of bill of lading

Clean On board Bill of Lading certifies that the cargo on board has no negative clause, notation or remarks on the quantity, quality or packaging of goods. In other words, when issuing a clean on board bill of lading, the carrier certifies that the goods gone on board the vessel are in good conditions with proper packing.

How transshipment bill of lading works? Do you have different experience in handling Shipped on board bill of lading and clean on board bill of lading?

The above information is a part of Online international business guide course.A Bill of Lading is a document of title, written receipt issued by a carrier, a transport company, that it has taken possession and received a item of property and usually also confirming the details of delivery (such as method, time, place or to whom), and serves as the carrier's title for the purpose of transportation.

The bearer bill of lading is the one in which the bearer of the bill of lading is the owner of the cargo and their is no consignee named in the bill of lading. This kind of bill of lading is very seldom found as there are huge risks involved in .

This standard blank bill of lading template form is available for download below. The PDF document includes space at the top to include an invoice number and bill of lading date. Tanker Notes || Container Ship Operations || Ocean Navigation || Types of Charterparty for cargo ship - Related procedure What is Ships Charterparty agreement?

Bill of Lading. A bill of lading (BOL) is a document required for the shipment of goods that describes the freight and gives ownership of that cargo to a specific party. liner bill of lading - A bill of lading under which the carrier is responsible for loading, stowing and discharging the cargo.

Types of bill of lading

long form bill of lading - A form of bill of lading issued by the carrier setting forth all the terms of the contract of carriage.

Bill of Lading Template Form - PDF Download